Located in Calgary, Alberta, we are a dynamic and family owned earthworks company and we genuinely love what we do!

At Ten Oaks we believe in integrity in everything that we do. This translates into a strong network of relationships that allows us to better serve our customers in getting the best products and the best deals possible. 

We use our technical skills, while taking a comprehensive approach, in order to reduce risks, lower costs, and decrease project timelines. This is done while still ensuring the highest degree of quality service and product. 

Advanced Skills

We have a variety of skill sets to enhance the work we do, such as building inspection, Fire Safe certified, forestry background. All of these skills allow us to think outside the box and go beyond what most company's would do.

Environmental Stewardship

At Ten Oaks we believe in treading lightly in nature, so we do our best to reduce our impact on nature and the environment that we are working in when working on a project.


We believe in honesty and this means providing transparent invoicing. Therefore, you can expect no hidden fees and no extra costs. 

Superior Customer Service

We work hard to make sure you are happy every step of the way. We do this by keeping you informed, being transparent, working hard, keeping deadlines, and staying on budget.  

Licensed & Insured